To Have or to Hold by Josi S. Kilpack

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· The Bottom Line:  A romance that builds from a marriage of convenience.  Emma at 21 finds herself a divorced single mother.  Andrew is a wealthy bachelor who has to marry to inherit his father’s inheritance.  Join Emma and Andrew as they work to fulfill the requirements of this unusual will as they fight falling in love. 

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· Pros:    Fun reading-hard to put down
              Shares the struggle to return to the church
              Well written—the characters become real people you feel for

· Cons:  Only it is hard to do anything while reading this book

· Description:  318 pages
                       Written by Josi S. Kilpack author of Earning Eternity and Surrounded by Strangers.
                       Emma and Andrew marry to fulfill the requirements for Andrew to inherit One Million Dollars
                       They need to be married for one year, during that year they have many challenges and find themselves falling in love.

· Review:  This is a fun romance.  Not only is it enjoyable reading but it shares struggles to find ones way back into the church.  Also shows the importance of communication and families.  This is a book I recommend to all who enjoy a good romance.