Soul Searching by Shannon Guymon


 The Bottom Line:  Join Micah and her college roommates as they discover who they really are.  Fun novel for young adults.


 Pros:  Fun, enjoyable book to read
              Easy to get caught up in the characters and their challenges

 Cons:  Hard to put down so have some time to read when you start

 Description:  Written by Shannon Guymon.
                           3 college roommates try and find their independence, testimonies and eternal companions.
                           346 pages of romance, intriguie and just fun
                           Micah, the main character, grew up with a very controlling father and has never thought of rebelling until she meets Bryce.

 Review:  This is a fun novel written for young adults.  A book that they can relate with as they struggle to figure out who they are.  While entertaining the book offers insights into repentance and testimonies.  I really enjoyed reading this book.