Every Good Gift by Gary L. Davis
A Guest Review by Glenda Bonner
The Bottom Line: A warm, humorous, poingnant look into the life of a bishop--His ward family and his own family.  We learn of the struggles of an ordinary man to fufill the responsibility of the calling of Bishop while keeping sight of the needs of his own family.
URL: Cedar Fort
Pros:  A delightful read
A heartwarming look into the life of a man doing his best to answer the call of the Lord
Cons: Just a few proof reading or editing errors.
Description: Written by Gary L. Davis
                  The book begins just afther Andrew Bishop has recieved his call as Bishop of the Frazier Park Ward.
He discusses with his wife Beth his feelings of inadequacy
The story continues with an incite into the many people and situations in the life of this ordinary man--how he depends on the Lord for inspiration.
There are humorous, heartwarming and tearful stories of his many ward members.
Easy to read--214 pages  
Review:  What a delighful read.  I felt I got to know the people of the ward and the town--their happy times and the unfortunate events of their lives.  I read it in just two sittings.  I would recommend it to anyone. Mr. Davis captures the imagination with his truly believable characters.  It is an easy read and goes very quickly.
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