Review for Escaping the Shadows by Lisa J. Peck

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· The Bottom Line:  An informative novel, based on authors own experience, about a young mother who has a very a good friend she emails.  Through her emails she discovers that her husband is abusive to her.  This book is an email journey that you travel with the mother Charlene.

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· Pros:  o This is a very informative novel.
             o Written in a way that draws you into the characters life
             o Shows pros and cons of online dating
             o Relates how to apply many gospel principles to life as we struggle.
             o A great book about a hard topic

· Cons: o Only shows Charlene’s story, curious about other characters

· Description: o Written by Lisa J. Peck
                        o The book starts with an email from Charlene to her friend Judi.
                        o Book is broken into 4 parts.  Part one is Charlene’s relationship with her husband as she tries to save her marriage.  Part two is a journey through Charlene’s divorce.  Part three and four is a journey through Charlene’s Single life as she comes to discover herself.
                       o This book is written from Charlene’s point of view through emails she sends to different people, mainly her friend Judi.
                       o The story contains 214 pages.

· Review:  This was a very informative book.  Through the eyes of the main character, Charlene, you learn a lot about abuse, what it is and steps to take to remove yourself from the situation.  Well written the book is not only informative but also entertaining.  This book also shows the ins and outs of single life as a Latter-Day Saint and online dating. I would recommend to any one, especially someone who is facing an abusive situation.