Christmas Guest by Jennifer Fowler


 The Bottom Line:  Christmas is a time to reflect on ones values.  That is what Scott does in this Christmas book as he takes an emergency trip to his Grandparents farm.  While he is there he takes a familiar sledding trip from his youth that takes him back in time.  While there he learns the importance of family


 Pros: This is a fun short Christmas story.
             Reminds the reader of what is important
             Entertaining while teaching important values

 Cons: Didn't see any in this fun book

 Description:  Written by Jennifer Fowler the author of "Seeds of the Heart" and co-author of "Fair Days in Heavens Gate".
                           The book starts with Scott as a young boy taking a sled ride on Christmas day.
                           While sledding he has an accident that is followed by a strange occurrence.
                           Next the book takes you forward to Scott in his middle-ages when he travels back to his Grandparents farm and has a similar sledding accident.
                       o The story contains 88 pages with 14 chapters.

 Review:  This was a fun book to read.  I read it in one day and enjoyed the story line.  It helped remind me of the importance of family.  I would recommend this book for everyone's Christmas library.